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Living In Excess

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I find myself wanting the newest and best thing all the time. The hottest item I see on T.V. I hate it when I do this, but over and over again this happens. I want to ask the question, “Do we want these things because we think it will make us happy?”

I like to play video games. I recently bought a new video game. In the moment I thought this was going to be great. However, that feeling went way, pretty quickly.

In the very back of our minds we know a new phone (or whatever it is for you) isn’t going to make us completely happy but we say, “it couldn’t hurt, right?” So we buy it.

Why do we tell ourselves this lie? It’s because in the moment we believe, this item will bring us the happiness we think we deserve.

Whether this is a new video game, a car, a house, or a new puppy. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, we think this new thing we solve the problem. But it doesn’t. Why? Because there is a newer item that released 6 months later and now we have to buy it. This is never ending cycle that won’t bring us the happiness we want.

We are asking the wrong question and looking at the wrong thing to bring us happiness and fulfillment. We think these items will do it but over and over again it never happens. So what can do that?

Real happiness. Real fulfillment comes through relationships. Let me explain what I mean. There have been times in my life when I should not have bought something, but I did anyways Why? Because this thing took me away from relationships. All I wanted to do was use that “thing”.

This is usually something done in isolation, meaning, I’m not with anyone else. That doesn’t do any good for me. I’m not spending time with Jesus and growing closer to Him. I’m not putting the time into the relationship because I’m so concentrated on that thing.

This also doesn’t do any good for other people. Since I’m sitting at home I can’t build deep, quality relationships with other people. If we could look at our purchases through this lens I think we would make better decisions. We would make decisions that matter.

Some might say, well, I have the money so you have no right to tell me I can’t buy this. Your right, I don’t have any right to tell you not to buy something and I’m not going to tell you not to buy it. You have every right to buy it, but the one thing I would say is, think about your motivation. Ask yourself this question, “Why do I want this?”

We have misplaced motivation all the the time. Buying more stuff is no different. When we begin to look at the motivation behind what we do we will begin to do things for the right reasons. Just because our culture says buy this and buy that because it will make you “happy” doesn’t mean we should and it certainly doesn’t mean it will bring us the happiness and fulfillment we all want.

What area in your life does your motivation need readjusted? How can you begin to do that today?

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