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How You Can Join Us On Our Adoption Journey

November is National Adoption Month, and I am coming into the month feeling encouraged. I could be upset or anxious. I have plenty of reason to be and trust me, I have felt those emotions many, many times over the past year.

But with adoption, you have to find the little things to celebrate, and I’ve found a little thing that I’m taking comfort in – in October we got an email that said the waiting time for families adopting from the Philippines is currently 29 months.

Now, that doesn’t sound like something to celebrate, after all, 29 months is still almost 2 and a half years of waiting, but that wait time is down. Earlier this year the wait time was 33 months, and “gaining back” those 4 months seems like a glorious gift from God.

I am well aware the wait time could increase yet again, and it could even go back up over the daunting 33 month waiting period, but for now, I am choosing to be encouraged and find joy.

For those of you doing the math Clayton and I still, have about 14 months we could be waiting to be matched with a child. However, we are hopeful we could be matched before that time.

So this month we would like to ask you for your help. Would you be willing to join us on our journey?

What we really need from you is your prayers. Part of me hates saying this over a blog post because it seems disingenuous. But we really do need your prayer.

Like I said before, I have felt SO. MANY. EMOTIONS. during this process. It’s been hard and heartbreaking.

Waiting has been difficult in so many different ways.

  • Learning about children who need help and love and a family and then having to make the decision we wouldn’t be able to care for their needs has been heartbreaking.
  • Knowing that the child(ren) who are meant to come into our family are out there also waiting for us has created a deep sense of yearning.
  • And finally this deep fear – what if I can’t do this? What if I won’t be a good mother, what if I can’t handle the issues that come with adopting a child?

So please pray for us and all these emotions we’ve been feeling.

Also, pray for our child(ren) that we haven’t met yet. They are going through their own hurts during this time. If nothing else, we know they are going through the pain of the loss of their parents. Pray God would comfort them. Pray they would have peace and healing.

And pray for the people who are taking care of them. Pray they would be patient and kind, loving and compassionate while caring for the children in their homes or in the orphanages they are working in each day.

But as we get close to being matched another fear comes into play and that is the fear of money.

We’ve been blessed that we haven’t had any problems paying for our adoption so far. Which I’ve learned from talking with other people who are adopting, is really amazing. But, unfortunately, the big portion of the adoption is coming. When we get matched we’ll need around $20,000 more to pay towards our adoption. And that is scary.

So will you please pray for this as well?

Pray we can receive more grants that will help us pay for this adoption. We’ve already received one grant from Show Hope and we have the ability to receive some zero interest loans with ABBA Fund at the time of our match and travel.

We’ve also been saving over the last year, and have been given some gifts of support from you.

To be honest with all these things combined we’re almost halfway there, which is amazing and makes me feel great about how well we’ve done to save and get support.

But every once in awhile when I see that number I just get overwhelmed. Can you blame me? And the thought of putting off our travel to pick up our child(ren) because we need to save/raise more money just seems unimaginable. So please pray we will get the money we need to finish our adoption.

Lastly, will you join me in praying a big, wishful thinking prayer? Pray with us that we would be matched before the estimated “timeline”. Pray with us that we would be matched with our child(ren) by this time next year.

These are the hopes of our hearts. But also the things I know I have no control over, and neither do you. And that’s why I need to know you’re praying for them with us. Because then, no matter what happens I know we have your love and support.

Okay, that’s a lot. If you made it to the end, then you must really love us. And we are so thankful for the ways you support us. We know that we wouldn’t be able to do this adoption without it and we won’t be able to raise our beautiful children without it.

You keep us strong, you listen to our rants (see above), you laugh with us, you cry with us, and in general, you just make our lives better and richer each and every day.

So thank you. And we love you.

Caitlin & Clayton

P.S. – if you do want to help us with our adoption costs here are 3 ways you can give:

  1. Directly to Clayton and Me: we have set-up a separate account for our adoption so any money you give to us will go directly into that account.
  2. Pure Charity: if you feel awkward giving us the money, or you want to get a tax benefit for your gift you can give to our Pure Charity account.
  3. Sseko: all the money I make from my Sseko business is going directly to our adoption, so let me know if you are interested in hosting a show/Facebook party, or if you’re interested in buying anything.
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