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God’s Love Never Fails (Neither Should Mine)

Worship or at least the singing part of a church service is difficult for me. I love music, but I often feel it’s the most inauthentic part of the church. It’s simple to stand up and sing songs. I’ll raise my hand and close my eyes. It’s easy to put off the image as though I “feel the Holy Spirit” and then leave unchanged. I live Sunday through Friday not remembering the words I sang on Saturday.

What I’m raising my hands to should change something about me. If God is present shouldn’t that lead me to do something?

A few weeks ago at church, we were singing the song “Your Love Never Fails”. This is one of those songs that seems to have more hands in the air than normal. So naturally it’s written by Bethel music.

The words of the song are powerful. It says, no matter what anyone has done or How far they have fallen, God’s love will always be there, his love will never fail.

As I was singing these words, I saw something new. in these words. God’s love will never fails. God’s love never fails. I kept repeating it over and over again.

No matter how far I’ve fallen it’s not too deep for God’s grasp.

If God love never fails me then this same love with never fail anyone. Believing in this unfailing love changed the way I saw others.

This is a simple idea, but not an easy one.

Everybody wants to be loved, but how we feel about someone is what gets in the way of our love.

It’s easy for me to view people by what they do, believe, or act. Seeing people as children of God changes that. I see them not by what they do, believe, or act, but as someone who is made in the image of God. It leads to one place, God’s unfailing love.  

I was talking to a friend of mine about showing God’s unfailing love. She said, “This sounds good and all but I don’t think this is possible.”

Some days I fail miserably at showing Jesus’s love to others, but the days that I succeed, those are the good days. Days, when I’m bitterly angry with someone because of how they have hurt me aren’t good days. Days I view the ones who have hurt me and I extend grace and forgiveness, those are good days.

Those days are memorable because those days Jesus is busting through the seams. 


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